Modular Home Advantages

With off-site construction, your home is built in a climate-controlled environment that is safe from weather, theft, and vandalism.  Rochester Homes & Heckaman Homes also utilize modern technology to build your home stronger than traditional site built construction.  This building process also enables us to complete your project in just over half the time of on-site construction.  We invite you to visit Rochester Homes production facility to see for yourself how incredible this building process is.

Cost Savings

Building off-site constructed homes allows for substantial cost savings in almost every area of the building and financing process. Here’s how:

• Bulk Material Purchases: Rochester Homes purchases lumber and brand name materials in large quantities, resulting in lower cost.
• Controlled Environment: A clean, indoor plant, avoids inclement weather, which results in greater labor efficiencies, which lowers costs.
• Less Material Waste: Recycling plus warehousing our materials in a secure environment, with protection from weather and job site theft, lowers costs.
• Superior Technology: Precision equipment and efficient material handling result in more accurate construction with fewer mistakes and lower costs.
• Quality Control: Our homes are built to the appropriate building code required by each state, & are inspected by both Rochester Homes and independent third party inspection agencies. This results in fewer construction errors and lower costs.
• Construction Time Period: Since our homes are delivered to the job site about 75% complete, total construction time is greatly reduced, incurring less interest and quicker occupancy.
• House Plans: Rochester Homes provides the necessary plans for building permits and complete construction without requiring an architect, thus lowering costs.
• Financing Cost: Quicker construction time with fewer interest charges results in less costs.

Code Compliance and Quality Control

All of our system built homes comply with the International Residential Code (I.R.C.), as well as the National Electrical Code.  These are the same State and Local building codes that your local site builders have to comply with.

Every home we build is inspected by an independent third party inspection agency before it leaves the factory to ensure that they conform to each state’s building codes.  Each home undergoes rigid quality control inspections and testing from framing to final finishing details including electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems.

Safety features that meet or exceed state and local codes.

Your safety is first and foremost in our product development. Every off-site construction home has built-in safety features to protect you and your family and includes the following features:

• All of our homes are built to meet the state and local building codes and are inspected by an internal Quality Assurance Department, an Independent Third Party Agency and by State Inspectors.
• Smoke Detectors are supplied for all bedroom areas as well as for each living level according to National Electric Code. All smoke detectors are hardwired interconnected with battery backup. When one smoke detector goes off, they all go off.
• Ground fault protection is provided for all kitchen, bathroom and exterior receptacles as per National Electric Code.
• All copper wiring and circuit breaker electrical control panels.
• Dead bolt locks are supplied on all exterior doors.
• Anti-scald control valves are supplied on all tubs and showers
• All bedroom windows are sized to meet egress requirements.

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